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Tarpon Migration, South Carolina

To study the movements and migration of mature tarpon in South Carolina researchers have partnered with local fishing guides. Placing Satellite tags and acoustic transmitters in mature tarpon has begun to revel migratory patterns. The Bone Fish and Tarpon Trust and the University to Miami have been leading this research effort in South Carolina. The current research points to tarpon migrating from Florida waters North along the east coast in Early/Mid June. From June to October these tarpon feed in the ocean, inlets, bays and  rivers habitats of South Carolina. Tarpon then begin to move South as the waters cool in the Late Fall and return to Florida waters.

This is a video shows the process of tagging a tarpon with GPS Satellite tag. This technology helps researchers understand the seasonal movement and migration patterns. The tarpon was tagged by Barrier Island Guide Service near Winyah Bay in Georgetown South Carolina.
Tarpon Migration in South Carolina
This image depicts the data collected from one tarpon tagged in South Carolina during September and showing a south bound migration to Florida.
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